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Gym Wipes

  • Fitness equipment wipes 1000 sheet refills are convenient for all sizes of Gyms. The material is highly absorbent to clean effectively. Wipes reduce cost and risk by have an accurate sanitizing system that is only used in direct contact with the gym equipment. No over spray or liquid atomization. Wipes kills most of  all  bacteria, fungis, germs and viruses. Safe in skin contact

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Fog Machine

Key Features

Fog machine ULV cold fogger portable electric hospital disinfection sprayer

Portable Ultra Low Capacity

Droplet scale is smaller than 120 microns. 

Capacity of the tank – 4.5L. 

Droplet reachable distance of metres. 

Adjustable flow rate. 

Cable: metres. 

Quickly change the angle to the quick lock system. 

220V 50HZ, perfect for everyday use. 

Total Shield

Key Features

Natural disinfectant and sanitizer suitable for hand, floor, office, home and elsewhere. 

Kills 99.999 percent of the viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and spores. 

SHIELDme Approved Licensed Disinfectants from Most Reputable Labs worldwide. 

100% natural, eco-friendly and Innocuous commodity. 

Alcohol Free-Non Chemical-Non Irritant-Non Corrosive-No Flammable. 

Protection for premature infants, pregnant women and pets. 

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